WP Audio Editor Pro




Record, upload and edit audios from your wordpress website or blog. Use mp3 media files in your contents. The perfect companion for podcast plugins.
Use the shortcodes to customize the frontend editor or use the mini audio recorder instead of the complete editor.

== Description ==

– Record or Upload audios, podcasts, voice, music, sounds, etc.

– Edit your audios: Copy, Cut, Paste, Crop, delete

– Add more audio pieces

– Save / download as mp3 file on your computer

– Save as WordPress audio post

– Use in your WordPress Media Library

– Insert audios in your contents

– Find your own private audio list with the [[audio-my-list]] shortcode and /my-audios/ page

– Display all published audios with the [[audio-editor-list]] shortcode.

– Allow your users to use the editor from the frontend with the [[audio-editor]] shortcode.

– Decide if you let logged-out users post audios with the parameter logged-in-only=”false”

– Customize the editor style with the shortcodes parameters (i.e.: [[audio-editor color="#000"]] to change the icons color).

– Use the shortcode parameter [[audio-editor mini="true"]] to activate the compact mini recorder.

– Discover all the customization parameters to hide buttons, change button text, publish or review before publish.

Click on this link to test the quick frontend demo of our simple MP3 audio editor & recorder

Audio Editor Pro includes:

– Saving more than one minute audio in your website or your PC.
– 3 months support
– 1 year updates


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